Erectile Dysfunction: Everything About This Disease

Among sexual problems, which can occur for men, erectile dysfunction is common. It can appear at the age of 30–40.

However, thanks to oral therapy development, diagnostic methods and treating methods for it evolved greatly. Next, we consider causes of such problems and methods of their treatment. We will also touch on ways to prevent this disease. Read more here

Types of erectile dysfunction

In normal state, sexual intercourse for men consists of several stages. First comes sexual attraction and foreplay. Then comes erection and subsequent penis introduction to partner. Next should be a certain amount of frictions for a certain time, which leads to ejaculation and orgasm. If something is broken or missing in this chain, it entails impossibility of having normal sexual intercourse and violates other components. Often it suffers erection and ejaculation.

The easiest treatment is temporary erectile dysfunction. The most frequent cause in such case is alcohol abuse or some kind of it.

With such manifestations, it is necessary to remove root cause and normal body functioning will restore by itself. In other words, it is necessary to stop drinking, smoking, often be in fresh air and look for future with optimism.

Much worse is when erectile dysfunction becomes permanent, chronic. According to latest research in this area, more than half of dysfunction manifestations fall on physiological causes.

Further, there are psychological causes of impotence, which can be stress or fear, dissatisfaction with oneself, one’s life, some emotional breakdown. In medicine, men erectile dysfunction divided into three types (by cause): organic, psychogenic, and mixed (manifestations and treatment methods are different).

Symptoms and manifestation

Organic can occur with endocrine disorders or lower testosterone levels, and various urological diseases or disorders, responsible for this, receptors in brain can affect its manifestation. The effects of certain diseases, such as prostatitis or prostate cancer, may also be affected.

Usually this type of erectile dysfunction appears gradually and its first signs are hardly noticeable. It occurs constantly and progresses over time. In such situation, there is no erection, and during intercourse, it may disappear. But, sexual desire and ejaculation remain normal.

Venous erectile dysfunction occurs in case of regulating mechanism violation for regulating blood outflow from penis tissues. It can also occur with arterial and vascular disorders. It called microcirculation disorder. The cause of it can be hypertension, smoking, etc.

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Methods of treatment

If your erectile dysfunction cause in psychological state or nervous disorder, consultation with specialist can help you. Some people use folk remedies as treatment. Today, we use several methods:

  • Sex therapy. It can be massage or life change. This also used in organic cases.
  • Taking pills to increase erection, which include drugs such as Viagra or Levitra (the best aids in treating such problems). It is first therapy, applied from beginning.
  • Injection therapy. Doctors use it, when pills doesn`t give results.
  • The usage of erectors pumps (special devices).
  • Exercises to eliminate erectile dysfunction. Method helps in restoring muscles of lower pelvis.
  • Most radical and effective treatment is phalloprosthetics. It is used, when dysfunction caused by irreversible causes.

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