Men Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is very popular with modern women. But, nowadays beauty standards are demanding on men, and they more often become clients of plastic surgeons. Operations they are doing are both universal and specific. So, lets consider, what is plastic for men.

Reasons for treatment of stronger sex to plastic surgeons

They are the following:

  • Need to restore body after injury.
  • Desire to give face and body great masculinity.
  • Need to become more beautiful – relevant for models, actors and just men, who take care of themselves.
  • Desire to improve your sex life (intimate plastic).

Body plastics

 Integrated plastic body allows men to acquire most relief muscles and get rid of excess fat deposits. Liposuction allows to remove fat from abdomen and thighs, which will make body more athletic and will open muscle relief. Liposuction is most often done on abdomen and in back. Due to enhanced scarring, it is important to use only modern methods of liposuction, not through incisions, but through punctures.


Rhinoplasty is very popular male plastic. Nose often suffers from fights or sports, and its correction not only helps to look better, but also returns normal breathing and well-being.

For girls, rhinoplasty is usually done by closed method, but in men operation is often performed after complex injuries, so it is usually used by open method. Bone and cartilaginous tissues and representatives of stronger sex are more dense, so operation is usually delayed and recovery after it is more difficult, but result is more stable.

Ear plastics

Another popular intervention is otoplasty. Usually stronger sex wears short hairstyles that don`t hide bulging ears. This kind of operations, unlike others, can be done since childhood.

Facial plastic surgery

Most often, men try to fix:

  • Gloomy look. Forehead plasticity is struggling with this – it allows to smooth out wrinkles and slightly raise eyebrows.
  • Bags and bruises are common problem, especially if you work a lot. Blepharoplasty copes with this – removal of excess adipose tissue, excision of skin and its fixation in tensioned state.
  • Second chin and flies. Against this, surgeons suggest lower third face lift.
  • Desire to make face more manly, with strong-willed chin. For this, surgeons place special silicone implants in chin and cheekbones.
  • Desire to rejuvenate. To do this, apply all of above methods, or circular tightening is done. You can resort more lightweight techniques, such as soft-lift.

Intimate plastic

Under phrase “plastic for men,” many understand precisely correction of genitals, namely change in size or shape of penis. Man confidence often depends on this factor, not only in bed, but also in everyday life, therefore such operation allows to cope with many problems.

Enlargement is done in different ways, usually with implants, sometimes injections of hyaluronic acid are used to smooth mold. Also, with help of special operations, it is possible to combat impotence and even complete reconstruction of penis after its injury or loss.