Vasectomy: What Is It?

Vasectomy is an operation consisting of bandaging or partially removing male vas deferens. This is surgical sterilization of men, making them incapable of conceiving children. It`s necessary to distinguish this surgery from castration, when testes responsible for testosterone synthesis are removed.

After castration, men develop side effects (eunuchoidism) with change in secondary sexual characteristics. As effects of operation develops obesity, voice loses its low timbre, “masculinity” of face disappears. This doesn`t occur with vasectomy, since men still have testosterone production.

Why and when do?

Vasectomy is lifelong contraceptive method. Increasing number of men in world are resorting to this method. In some countries there is legal restriction on use of such method of contraception as vasectomy. Why there are restrictions on this operation:

  • In economically developed countries, birth rate falls. Such radical operation as sterilization of women, vasectomy in men isn`t performed until age of 35, if there are no 2 or more children in the family, its cost is high, price of operation in different countries ranges from 140 to 113,000 euros. Less commonly, it`s performed in presence of certain medical indications (incapacity, oncological, severe hereditary diseases) for free.
  • These interventions make natural conception impossible, not excluding other, more expensive and not always reliable (as evidenced by reviews) methods (for example, IVF) in women. In men, vasectomy has consequences in form of sterility, which is reversible only in coming years after surgery. This requires repeated (reverse) operation to restore patency of vas deferens.
  • Reverse operation is much more complicated technically, it takes several hours (there are reviews that it`s transferred rather hard). Only highly qualified surgeon with modern technical means can make it. Therefore, price of such procedure is tens of thousands of euros. Full guarantee of restoration of fertility (ability to reproduce), this operation doesn`t.

How does this happen?

Male vas deferens has beginning on posterior surface of testicle, it can be felt in form of dense cord with diameter of about 0.5 cm. Its total length is about 50 cm. This is paired canal, located on right and left.

What is vasectomy, how this operation is done, what are its consequences – such questions arise in men who decide to make themselves sterile, they are looking for feedback on this operation on Internet. Vasectomy can be performed on outpatient basis. Preparation for surgery involves blood test (general analysis, blood clotting), analysis for presence of sexually transmitted infections.

On day when they have to undergo surgery, body temperature of men is measured. On skin of scrotum shouldn`t be inflammation. Essence of intervention, its consequences, and how much vasectomy costs are explained to man. Be sure to find out if there is allergy to drugs. Most men do interventions under local anesthesia. Rarely there is need to make it under anesthesia. Operation is performed for 20–30 minutes, less often takes little longer. Stages of operation:

  • Alternately, small incisions or punctures of scrotum skin are made on right and left.
  • Through incision or puncture, part of spermatic cord is pulled out, tied up or dissected with dressing of both ends.
  • Next, puncture or incision site is sutured, usually these are sutures that don`t require removal (self-absorbable), sterile dressing is applied to scrotum. The one who underwent this procedure, notes only small unpleasant moment, when surgeon pulls cord.

After surgery

After intervention, surgeon instructs men in detail on limiting physical and sexual stress during wound healing period. Usually it is 5–7 days, less often 2–3 weeks. After vasectomy, sexual activity isn`t lost. Some men even notice her improvement due to removal of fear of possible partner’s pregnancy.

Immediately after intervention, there may be slight swelling of scrotum, bruises on it, these phenomena usually disappear after week. If, in coming days after procedure, high body temperature, chills, pain in scrotum or bleeding in surgical area appeared, it is urgent to consult doctor who performed operation. If such treatment is impossible, ambulance should be called in, using services of any doctor.

After operation, it`s necessary to control its effects, passing tests of male sperm on content of spermatozoa. Over next 3 months this is done three times.